Christine & Branden | Iceland Wedding Photographer | Dómkirkjan, Reykjavik Cathedral

What an incredible way to start 2015! I joined Christine and Branden in Reykjavik, Iceland for their wedding day on the second of January. Their ceremony took place at Dómkirkjan, the cathedral in Reykjavik, with a reception at the Sky Restaurant & Bar above Centerhotel Arnarhvoll.

The day for me started at Centerhotel Arnarhvoll where I met Christine and her bridesmaids. We then slowly slipped and slided our way up the icy paths to Slippurinn hairdressers near Hallgrímskirkja.

We returned to the hotel just before sunset, so decided to make the most of the remaining light we had by taking some pictures near to Harpa, and on the roof terrace of the Sky Bar in the pouring rain and snow.

It was completely dark by the start of the ceremony at Dómkirkjan in Reykjavik, but we still managed to take a couple of pictures outside. The ceremony was very intimate, with just Christine and Brandens closest friends and family there, which felt really lovely. The cathedral has such a great atmosphere, and is a really beautiful building.

After the ceremony we headed straight back to the Sky Bar at Centerhotel Arnarhvoll, where the evenings cerebrations begun. Soon after the meal we were blessed with a 15 minute show of the Aurora Borealis, which really finished off the evening in style.

I had such an incredible time capturing Christine & Branden’s beautiful wedding day in Iceland. Here are a small selection of their images from the day.