Laura & Bas | Seljalandsfoss & Hotel Ranga | Iceland Wedding Photography

Laura & Bas’ wedding in Iceland was an absolute dream for me. It was a 2400 mile round trip from my home in Staffordshire, and was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had in my career as a wedding photographer.  The ceremony was at Seljalandsfoss, and the reception at Hotel Ranga.

I started the morning in Reykjavik just as the sun was coming up. After downing enough coffee to just about keep my eyes open I headed out to meet Laura and her family at a hairdressers in the tiny town of Rangárþing, almost a 90 minute drive away from the city. After a short while we made the trip back to Hotel Ranga for the final stages of getting ready, where I also had chance to catch up with Bas, and the other guys.

The rain soon started coming down, which to be fair was a considerable improvement on the sleet I experienced on the way to the hairdressers, however still not welcomed. We all jumped into a coach and were on the way to Seljalandsfoss for Laura & Bas’ wedding ceremony. By the time we arrived the rain was really coming down, and with temperatures in the single digits no one wanted to spend too long standing around. The actual ceremony flew by, and was unlike anything I have ever experienced in the UK. By now no one really cared about the rain though as we were all already soaked to the skin, and standing in front of one of the most amazing waterfalls in Iceland.

Myself and Laura & Bas made a quick trip to take some photographs right next to Seljalandsfoss waterfall. I managed to take around 20 pictures before we were all completely drenched, including my camera gear. We headed back to the coach and were soon on the way to our next location…the black sand beaches of Vik.

By the time we reached Vik the rain had died off a little, so we managed to spend a bit more time taking some group portraits, and some more shots of Laura & Bas. We were now around an hour away from Hotel Ranga, so on the coach journey back I managed to take plenty of pictures of the stunning Icelandic scenery and the guests enjoying their time together.

The meal at Hotel Ranga was absolutely wonderful, and I stayed capturing pictures right up until late in the evening when Laura & Bas headed off to their room to catch up on that evenings Game of Thrones episode. Unfortunately the night was cloudy so on the trip back to Reykjavik I didn’t manage to capture any pictures of the northern lights. I returned to my hotel at around 1am. Definitely one of my longest weddings yet, but worth every second.

Here are just a small selection of pictures from Laura & Bas’ wonderful wedding day.