Liz & Dom | The Inn at Grinshill | Shropshire Wedding Photography

Here’s a selection of images from Liz & Dom’s wedding, taken at All Saints Church in Grinshill, and The Inn at Grinshill. Both in Shropshire.

I arrived early on the day to meet the guys setting things up in the church. We took a few relaxed pictures as they arranged the flowers and practiced the music for the ceremony. We soon headed to The Inn at Grinshill, to capture some pictures of Liz getting ready.

All Saints Church was only a few minutes away from The Inn, where Liz was getting ready so we chose to walk as it was such a lovely day. The ceremony was really beautiful, and everything felt so personal to Liz & Dom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any two people so overjoyed to see each other either, as I’m sure you can see from the pictures. They were a real pleasure to photograph.

After the ceremony we made the walk back over to The Inn at Grinshill for the wedding reception, and celebrations. I spent some time taking informal candid photographs of the guests enjoying their day. I wish Liz & Dom a very long and happy future together.