Masters of Wedding Photography Award | Staffordshire Wedding Photographer

What a great way to kick off my year of wedding photography! With an award from The Masters of Wedding Photography. The image was taken during Ruth & Wayne's wedding in the Staffordshire Moorlands. I'm so pleased that this picture in particular was chosen, for a few reasons.

Firstly, it was taken at The Roaches which is a place that I've loved ever since a primary school trip to go rock climbing there. Since then it's become a place I visit often for photo shoots, and in fact was the location of one of my very first landscape photography adventures many years ago. I now drive past at least once a month on my way deeper into the Peak District for engagement shoots, or more adventures with fellow photographers, and if I happen to have a spare hour or so I love to have a quick wander up The Roaches for the fantastic views out over Staffordshire.

Secondly, because I feel that this picture of Ruth & Wayne really sums us what I love about wedding photography. I try not to overly pose images, as I feel people will naturally stand or do what they feel comfortable with, and nine times out of ten that will end up looking better in an image than having a couple pose in a very specific way. For this shot in particular it was right at the end of our portrait shoot in the boulders around the base of the cliffs, and I let Ruth & Wayne wander off in front of me. I snapped a few quick frames as they went through the gap in the wall, and this ended up being one of my favourite images from the day.

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