Looking back on 2015 | UK Wedding Photography

Below are a selection of my pictures from 2015, taken in Iceland, London, Carlisle, Cardiff, Oxford, Birmingham, Leeds, and plenty of other places in-between. I’ve photographed in tipis, stately homes, graffiti covered railway arches, village halls, abandoned buildings, warehouses, lakes and so much more. It’s been a really brilliant year due to being able to work with so many amazing people.

I have decided to do a recap of my year of photography. Instead of selecting just a few pictures though, I have chosen to put in at least one picture from every photo shoot this year! It’s taken so long to go through everything, but it’s brought back some really fantastic memories.

2015 started with a bang…lots of bangs. I was in Reykjavik welcoming in the New Year, in preparation for a wedding in Iceland early in January. It was an incredible start to the year, and certainly set the pace of things to come (you can see a short time-lapse of NYE in Reykjavik here). The year has felt hectic from start to finish, but I have enjoyed every second. I’ve worked with some really lovely couples, and photographed loads of amazing weddings.

Thanks for making it such a fun year.