About Me

My passion and love of photography begun around 10 years ago on a college art trip to Paris. I started off just taking the usual tourist pictures but soon became engrossed in capturing images of the famous landmarks from a more interesting, different perspective.

Being a geek really paid off in the first few years of my path into photography as I invested all of my time in learning the technical side of things, and used every spare penny on building up my equipment. I annoyed plenty of my friends by using them as test subjects to build up my skills as a portrait photographer, and soon set up my first website offering my services. It didn’t take long for enquiries to start coming in, and after photographing my first wedding I was hooked. 

I have now been photographing weddings for almost 10 years, and have enjoyed every single one. Each wedding is different from the last, and I love being challenged to get fantastic photographs no matter what the location is, or what the weather is like.

My style of working on a wedding day is incredibly relaxed. I want to let your day progress exactly how you want it to. I set aside maybe 30 minutes for your group pictures, and an additional 15 minutes or so for a few posed portraits and that’s it! The rest of the day I want to be in the background leaving you to enjoy your time with your friends and relatives.

Whilst we are not taking any posed or group pictures I instead photograph the moments you may have otherwise missed, of your guests enjoying their day and plenty of details that you will have spent a lot of time putting together but may not have chance to properly take in at the time.

In my spare time I love being outside, either doing my best to maintain my messy garden, or going on long walks in the countryside. Despite doing photography as a job I still really enjoy capturing pictures of my life and those around me. 

Exploring the UK and countries overseas has always been a passion of mine. I feel very fortunate that my job takes me to some really amazing places, and allows me to meet some great people too.

Title image courtesy of Charlotte Rawles Photography.